Two ex-Prime Ministers set to compete in Guinea-Bissau election run-off

Two former prime ministers of Guinea-Bissau, Domingos Simoes Pereira and Umaro Cissoko Embalo came out top in the country’s election, results showed Wednesday, and are set to compete in a run-off.

Neither won the 50 percent required for a first-round win, with Pereira on 40 percent and Embalo on 28 percent, according to final results from the Bissau National Electoral Commission, with the run-off scheduled for December 29.

Jose Mario Vaz, who was running to hold onto power, secured only 12 percent of the vote, the commission said, adding that more than 760,000 voters participated in the election.

Vaz who came to power in 2014’s term has been marred by political infighting and corruption.

Pereira, 56, was Vaz’s first prime minister before being sacked in 2015, in a move that led to years of tension between the head of state and Parliament and the appointment of several prime ministers.

Embalo, 47, also served as prime minister under Vaz from 2016 to 2018.

The West African nation has a long history of military coups and political assassinations since winning independence from Portugal in 1974.

Vaz is the first president in 25 years to finish his term without being overthrown or killed.

Young voters have said their main goal is that Guinea-Bissau move forward.

Meanwhile, another round of campaigning will kick off December 13.


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