U.S Embassy sends two security alerts to citizens in Cameroon within 24 hours

The U.S Embassy has sent two security alerts to its citizens living in Cameroon. The first alert is for those citizens in the Northwest and Southwest Regions and the last for those in Yaoundé.

On Thursday, September 27, the U.S. Embassy Yaoundé informed U.S. citizens that protests and demonstrations are likely to occur in the Northwest and Southwest Regions on or around October 1.  The protests mark the one-year anniversary of demonstrations throughout both Regions, which led to fatalities.

The alert also mentioned that because presidential elections are scheduled for October 7, there is increased potential for political unrest throughout Cameroon during the campaign season, on Election Day and when results are tallied and announced.

Another alert came in on Friday 28, informing US citizens about arrests throughout Yaoundé for an unknown cause. The embassy advised all U.S. citizen to carry proper identification at all times and to exercise extreme caution if moving around the city.

About a week ago, Cameroon’s ministry of Defense informed that some neighborhoods in Yaoundé are under surveillance because “anglophone terrorists and secessionists” were present in the nation’s capital. A document from the ministry said security will be reinforced in Obili, Biyem-Assi, Etoug-ebe.


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