UK provides humanitarian assistance to conflict stricken regions in Cameroon

By Bizel-Bi Mafor

The British High Commission to Cameroon, Dr. Christian Dennys-McClure recently completed two official visits addressing the humanitarian crises impacting the Far North and North West/South West regions of Cameroon.

Together with other multilateral partners like UNICEF, WFP and ICRC, the UK supported 11.000 beneficiaries with unconditional cash assistance to people in the North West and South West (NW/SW) Regions to reduce the socio-economic impact of Covid19, including pregnant women and nursing mothers, girls and persons with special needs and disabilities.

They supported the construction of at least 6 primary health structures to the East of Bamenda, provided preventive care like vaccinations, medical evacuation to surgical centres in Kumbo and Bamenda and subsidized hospital costs of traumatic injury patients.

They also supported about 36.000 people in Health, Water, Sanitation, Hygiene (WASH) and protection of children and women through the Comprehensive Child Response.

An additional 59.000 people in the NW/SW and Far North received assistance in livelihoods, food security, water, Sanitation and health.

The United Kingdom has reiterated its commitment to support Cameroon through humanitarian aid.

“The UK is determined to be and to remain a force for good in Cameroon to save lives, alleviate suffering and maintain human dignity. We reiterate our support for humanitarian principles and call on all actors, state and non-state to enable humanitarian actors the access to carry out their activities safely,” the British High Commissioner said in a press release earlier today.


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