UN SG sad challenges he highlighted last year remain unresolved

Amidst persisiting world crises, leaders and diplomats representing the 193 members of the United Nations have converged for the annual General Assembly, in New York, USA.

For the second time since he became head of the World Organization, the United Nations Secretary General, Antonio Gutteres has addressed over 100 world leaders at the General Assembly.

He expressed worry that the challanges he mentioned last year are still unresolved.

“In my address last year, I highlighted seven challenges. One year on, they remain sadly
unresolved,” he said on Tuesday.

The challenges he mentioned are; outrage at the UN’s inability to end the wars in
Syria, Yemen and elsewhere.

The fate of the Rohingya people, who remain exiled, traumatized and in misery, still yearning for safety and justice. The endless Palestinians and Israelis conflict, with the two-state solution more and more distant.

The threat of terror, fed by the root causes of radicalization and violent extremism; terrorism that is ever more interlinked with international organized crime and the trafficking of people, drugs and arms.

The outrageous uses of chemical weapons, in full impunity despite their ban. Migrants and refugees who continue to face discrimination and demagoguery in the context of clearly insufficient international cooperation.

The human rights agenda losing ground despite the fact that this year marks the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

António Guterres, called for solidarity between member nations and urging world leaders to help revitalize the global body at a time when multilateralism is “under fire.”

“Despite the chaos and confusion of our world, I see winds of hope blowing around the globe,” the hopeful Mr. Guterres said, pointing to recent peace agreements between Ethiopia and Eritrea, and between warring parties in South Sudan’s civil war.


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