UN, U.S. Embassy, welcome release of Kamto and other political detainees

At the end of the Major National Dialouge in Cameroon, the president pardoned at least 104 political detainees including Professor Maurice Kamto, the leader of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement (CRM) Party.

The UN chief António Guterres says he is “encouraged by President Biya’s decision to release Mr. Kamto and more than 100 MRC members.”

Mr. Guterres also encouraged authorities in Cameroon, to “continue to adopt further confidence building and reconciliation measures,” according to a statement issued on Saturday by his spokesperson.

CRM party leader, Prof. Maurice Kamto’s arrival at the Yaoundé Military Tribunal

The U.S. Embassy in Cameroon equally welcomes Cameroon’s decision to drop charges against Maurice Kamto and other members and supporters of the CRM Party arrested following election protests earlier this year.

A statement from the department says their release from prison yesterday is a “constructive step toward relieving political tensions and affirming the government’s commitment to respect for fundamental freedoms.”

The U.S Embassy hopes “further measures will be taken in the wake of the recently concluded National Dialogue, leading to the restoration of peace in the Northwest and Southwest Regions.”

Mr. Kamto and hundreds of supporters were arrested in January after holding peaceful demonstrations to protest the outcome of the October 7, 2018 election which president Biya had won.  He, some officials and militants of his party faced charges of insurrection in a military trial which began last month but was adjourned.


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