UNHCR To Mobilize 34 Billion in aid to Displaced Cameroon-Chad Refugees

By A.J

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) plans to mobilize at least 34 Billion FCFA this year to aid refugees displaced by Intertribal clashes in Cameroon and Chad.

Initiatives have already been launched by the UNHCR, and the money will be directed towards providing food and shelter to the refugees among other things.

Cameroon’s Far North Region, which has been at the heart of deadly intertribal clashes recently will be huge beneficiaries to the UNHCR aid.

At least 100,000 persons have been displaced from the region into Chad, and hundreds of others have lost their lives in the intertribal Conflict between the Mousgoums and the Choa Arab communities.

A statement issued by the UNHCR revealed that the funds will, “‚Ķprovide shelter and essential items such as blankets, mats and mosquito nets. The funds will also cover growing water and sanitation needs of the refugees.”

Currently, the funds available to support these displaced persons are not sufficient enough according to the organization.

Regarding this, a public appeal has been launched to the international community for resources to be mobilized for this humanitarian purpose.

Cameroon’s Far North Region has been hit by violent intertribal conflicts. Added to the Boko Haram insurgency, this region together with Cameroon’s anglophone regions has witnessed a massive outflux of civilians.

The very latest incident between Mousgoums and Choa Arab communities saw at least 44 persons killed. 100 others were injured, over 100 villages were set alight and about 23,000 persons fled into neighboring Chad.


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