Unreliable Biometric Registration system ‘might deprive’ Students of 32GB PB HEV laptops

The University of Yaoundé I began the new year with protests after students were moved from a waiting list to the February session for the distribution of PB HEV (Paul Biya Higher Education Vision) laptops. The students began their demonstrations in front of the Rectorate holding up placards with “Give our Computers,” while some of them chanted “we want our PB.” The Rector of the University, Professor Maurice Aurélien Sosso, asked them to go to their faculties and report the matter to the representatives of their faculties.

Before their departure, the Dean of Studies of the University hinted that even if they were to demonstrate from morning to night, laptops were not available at the moment for those on the waiting list.

No one understands the criteria which was used to select the first group of students who received PB HEV laptops today on Campus. It is alleged that some students’ names appear twice on the list of those receiving laptops this January, meaning there seems to be a problem with the Biometric Registration system.

Hamadou Moussa is a Masters II student in the University of Yaoundé I, who reads History in the Faculty of Arts, Letters and Social Sciences and his name is on the waiting list.  He told Gina Informs that they were informed by their Faculty representative of student affairs that the biometric registration has been suspended till February, when the next set of laptops would have arrived.  He added that he and a group of other students had been in school since 5 am this morning, because their names were on the waiting list and they were asked to come back and register today morning. To their dismay they were asked to go back home and return in February for the next set of laptops.

The group students who were asked to come back in February are afraid that their names might not be on the list again, reason why they protested.


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