US Government might help Liberia track down missing million

The U.S. government is considering helping Liberia track down more than $100 million in missing cash, an embassy spokesman said, in a case that has triggered a political crisis in the impoverished country.

Minister of Justice Frank Musa Dean said the government had sought U.S. help in investigating the whereabouts of the cash, equivalent to nearly five percent of Liberia’s GDP.

Washington has worked with the Liberian government on fiscal transparency and governance issues in the past.

Shipping containers carrying the equivalent of $US104m in Liberian bank notes, ordered by the Central Bank from printers in Sweden and China, arrived at Liberia’s port and then vanished.

The news broke in local paper Front Page Africa on Monday. Since then members of president George Weah’s government have been trying to cast blame on the previous administration of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. The former president, who handed the reins to Weah in January, gave a fiery rebuke to the allegations.

Some Liberians have taken to social media with the hashtags;
#bringbackourmoney and #bringbackourcontainer


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