USA: Deportation flight to Cameroon cancelled, campaign for TPS for Cameroon begins to gather momentum.

Black Alliance for Just Immigration (BAJI) says the ICE deportation flight with Cameroonian citizens was canceled Wednesday February 3. 

The alliance which provides strategic support to detained Black immigrants and their families and attorneys is demanding that they and others in detention are released and given permanent protections from deportation.

Rjghts groups and journalists are campaigning for a Temporary Protected Status for Cameroon (#TPSforCameroon) to protect Cameroonians in the USA on social media 

They argue that “given ongoing armed conflict and humanitarian crisis, safe return to Cameroon is impossible for Cameroonians in the United States at this time.”

Initially the flight was to leave Alexandria, Louisiana, on Wednesday at 3 p.m. and arrive in Cameroon on Thursday.

Last year, hundreds of Cameroonians were deported after being forced to sign their own deportation papers and experiencing other torture in DHS custody. 

Many are still missing and fear for their lives; some had their papers confiscated and faced arrest upon deportation. An ongoing investigation into abuse at the ICE detention centers where they were held has not yet released results, according to The American Prospect. 


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