World Bank urges Cameroon to properly manage finances

Njix Sharon

The World Bank has instigated the Cameroon government to be more careful in their management of financial resources.

The Bank passed across the warning in a damning report which had that Cameroon had consumed over 2000 billion FCFA, approximately 52%of the budget to the functioning often state in 2017.

Reports from the World Bank, holds that the money was used in “the organization of seminars, the payment of bonuses, and gratuities, mission and representation expenses.”

The reports also indicated that 35.5 billion FCFA were spent on fuel and 42 billion fcfa were used for bonuses and gratuities.

The World Bank went further to say these expenditures are the causes of corruption and other bad governance practices rooming the Cameroonian administration.

Cameroonian authorities were therefore called upon to reduce state spending and spending wisely by shortening expenses and augment public investment.


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