Zimbabwe: Ex-leader Mugabe’s body arrive home village

The remains of Zimbabwe’s founding president, Robert Mugabe, who died on September 6, have arrived his home village for a subdued farewell, after a weekend state funeral on Saturday.

The ex-leader’s remains arrived his home village, Kutama, Monday, September 16 where it was immediately taken to Murombedzi, for villagers and some other mourners to bid the nations’ hero farewell.     

The country’s one time president died last week at the age of 95 at the Singapore hospital where he had been receiving treatment for years.

African heads of state, former heads of state and other world leaders, attended the state funeral in the nation’s capital Harare.

On Saturday, his successor Emmerson Mnangagwa joined other African leaders to pay tribute to the icon liberator at the Rufaro stadium in Harare.

Mnangagwa remembered him for the role he played in freedom fighting in Africa. “Thanks to Commander Robert Mugabe and his rare breed of Pan Africanists, nationalists and freedom fighters, the once shackled Africa is forever free,” he said.

There had been disagreements on Robert Mugabe’s funeral plans; the bone of contention between the current president Emmerson Mnangagwa and the former leader’s family was on the location of his final resting place. After a series of consultations from traditional leaders and his family, it was finally agreed that the corpse will be buried at the MONUMENT for national heroes.

The corpse of Zimbabwe’s national hero will be taken back to Harare in three weeks’ time; his family announced that his body would be dried up before his burial, according to Daily News Zimbabwe.   


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