Zimbabwe: President Mugabe calls for cabinet meeting on Tuesday

Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe has called his cabinet for a meeting on Tuesday at his State House office, the chief secretary to the president and cabinet said in a notice, the same day ruling party members plan to impeach him.

This is the first time the ministers are set to meet for their routine weekly meeting with Mugabe since the military took power on Wednesday. Cabinet meetings are usually held at Munhumutapa Building in the centre of town, but an armoured vehicle and armed soldiers are camped outside the offices.

As members of the ruling party ZANU-PF have met to discuss the fate of Mugabe, Lawmakers from Zimbabwe’s main opposition party MDC will also hold a meeting on Tuesday to decide whether to join their ruling party rivals to impeach 93-year-old President Robert Mugabe, according to the minority chief whip.

Zimbabwe’s Higher Education Minister Jonathan Moyo
It is also worth noting that Zimbabwe’s Higher Education Minister Jonathan Moyo, one of a number of officials purged from the ruling ZANU-PF party along with President Robert Mugabe, said on Monday he and at least 50 other senior party officials were “outside of the country.”

According to Reuters, Moyo made the comments on his Twitter handle, but the tweet was subsequently deleted. Moyo is one of many ZANU-PF members targeted by the ruling party in the wake of a military coup.


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